Universitas Mercu Buana

Universitas Mercu Buana

Warm Greeting,

On a good and full of blessings occasion, I invite all academicians to offer praise and gratitude to the presence of God Almighty, because of the blessings of His mercy and grace we are guided in kindness and always be in healthy conditions. Since the end of 2016, Universitas Mercu Buana has risen to the rank of accredited A. It is certainly a pride and gratitude for the assessment of the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education to receive “A” accreditation.

'A' accreditation of institution carried out is not the culmination for Universitas Mercu Buana. This success becomes a challenge which requires courage and hard work. Because this “A” accreditation is a symbol of quality that must be maintained by the institution forever. Not only that, “A” accreditation of institution achieved deserves to be an energy for a better direction, by aiming at higher accreditation: International Accreditation.

This is important for Universitas Mercu Buana because higher education institution has responsibility, according to the Law No. 12 Year 2012 concerning Higher Education, to participate in the progress of Indonesian civilization. It signifies that Universitas Mercu Buana must continue to encourage its quality, develop scientific skills, as well as enhance research and innovation products, all of which become the higher education performance measurement.

Later, all the achievements obtained must have a contribution and usefulness for science, human civilization, especially for the Indonesian people. Therefore, the fulfillment of international accreditation is a step to achieve the mandate upheld. Universitas Mercu Buana believes that with the support of the community, industry, academicians and the government, these goals can be realized in the future. God Almighty bless you. Amen May God Almighty bless us all, Aamiin.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip, MS