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Giving birth to a generation of Indonesians who are intelligent, virtuous and independent in spirit is the ideal of the founder of Universitas Mercu Buana, H. Probosutedjo. These goals become a mandate that must be realized by the members of Universitas Mercu Buana, through planned and ongoing efforts.

"The dream of Mr. H. Probosutedjo is a mandate that must not be bargained. This campus stands for this purpose, so our task is to make it happen, "stressed the Secretary of the Board of Management of the Menara Bhakti Foundation, Conscience Pujiastuti Dipl.FM when attending the 2019 Award Night event at the UMB campus, Jakarta, Tuesday (October 22, 2019).

The smart and virtuous generation and independent spirited, according to the Chancellor of UMB, is the ideal generation figure of Indonesia. Where able to provide the best contribution to the nation, while behaving nobly based on the spirit of independence.

In line with these ideals, according to him, it is very appropriate to understand the 34th anniversary of Mercu Buana University this year as a process of self-evaluation. Look more deeply at Mercu Buana University's efforts to realize the ideals of H. Probosutedjo.

"This is the right time to correct myself. How is the effort of UMB to realize these ideals, "he stressed.

Mercu Buana University Anniversary held a number of activities. Starting from the Chancellor's Cup, Fun Day, Award Night, UMB Cares, Workshop, National Seminar and International Golf Tournament in Bali. All of these activities are part of the role of universities for the community. As well as efforts to encourage improvement in the quality of Mercu Buana University. (author: Amirullah Munawir / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected])

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