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Workshop on prevention and treatment of sexual harassment with Dr. Dewi Inong Irana, SP.KK., FINSDV, FAADV.

The UMB Directorate of Student Affairs held a workshop on the prevention and handling of sexual harassment virtually with the theme "Hip and Healthy Milineal Life is Great". This event was held on December 22, 2020 with the resource person Dr. Dewi Inong Irana, SP.KK., FINSDV, FAADV.

The importance of sexual education for students as a young millennials is so that they don't take the wrong path, especially those which can lead to free sex and sexual harassment. Often we hear about acts of sexual harassment, including among students.

Sexual harassment can be defined as an unacceptable situation, either verbally, physically or by sexual gestures and statements that are derogatory in nature which make a person feel threatened, humiliated, harassed and their security condition weakened.

Apart from sexual harassment, millennial behavior which is often taken wrongly, namely sex before marriage, results in infectious diseases (STIs) including HIV / AIDS. "Not free sex with healthy social life would mean free from STIs and HIV / AIDS", explained Dr. Dewi.

Director of Student Affairs - Danto Sukmajati, Ph.D in his speech explained, this activity is an education for students related to the prevention of sexual harassment among students and also facilitates students related to handling sexual harassment. (author: Citra Sentosa / editor: Riko Noviantoro / translator: Nadya Ramadhan / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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