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UMB Holds Halal Bi Halal Online

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Halal bi halal UMB is implemented online through a youtube channel filled by Dr. H. Idrianto Faisal, MA, President of Gesture Institue.

Jakarta. The Covid 19 pandemic has not prevented the entire academic community of Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) from cultivating a good relationship in the halal bi halal event which is held online (17/5) and broadcast live streaming via the YouTube channel. In his remarks, the UMB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip, reminded the entire UMB academic community to always be able to adapt to various changes, especially in teaching and learning caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. "The month of Ramadan that we just went through teaches patience in dealing with everything, including changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. . "

In this year's halal bi halal event with the theme "Patience in Facing Change" this tausyiah event was filled by Dr. H. Idrianto Faisal, MA, President of the Gesture Institute. In his speech, Idrianto who is also the Wasekjen IK DMI Pusat said that patience is a power from God. "That every change we submit to God as a form of recognition that we have God. We have a place to lean on.

Furthermore, Idrianto stated that the actors of change consisted of two things, namely Allah SWT and the human factor itself. “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition. And if Allah wants evil against a people, then no one can reject it and there is no protector for them but Him (QS. Ar Ra'ad verse 11). "

The halal bi halal program was broadcast from the UMB Multimedia studio and watched by more than 2000 viewers. This event is a routine event held by the General Bureau of UMB every year after Eid.

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