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Foto bersama Arief Bowo P.Kasmo, Ph.D – Wakil Dekan Kemahasiswaan FEB(Paling Kanan), Daru Asih – Kaprodi Manajemen dan Saeful Malik beserta keluarga

Mercu Buana University provided donation to Saeful Malik, Semester 8 student majoring in Management study of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) who also works as a mechanic in the workshop and lived in Pademangan Barat, RT 14 / RW 12, North Jakarta on May 23, 2020.

The fire that struck in Pademangan caused 150 fatalities and 50 family to lose their homes. UMB provided support in the form of Rp. 5,000,000 cash and Eid parcel to Saeful submitted by Arief Bowo P. Kasmo, Ph.D - Deputy Dean of Student Affairs FEB and Daru Asih - Head of Management Study Program.

"We on behalf of UMB expressed our condolences about the fire disaster that happened to Saeful‘s family, hopefully they would strongly hold on and we also hope that the support provided by UMB can be useful for him.” Arief Bowo explained.

Saeful expressed deepest gratitude for UMB's help for his family who were victims of the fire, and of course this assistance was needed to be able to help him continue a living. Furthermore, the fire victims sought refuge in the Pademangan Sports Hall.(author: Priyo Wahyudi/ editor: Riko Noviantoro /University Secretariat and Public Relation Beureu / / [email protected] /

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