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Event Poster Discussion and National Declaration with the Theme "Smart Millennials Avoiding Drugs"

In commemoration of the 2020 International Anti-Narcotics Day, the Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKK) OASE and Ditmawa Mercu Buana University held a national discussion and declaration with the theme of "Smart Millennials Avoiding Drugs" on June 22, 2020. This activity took place online.

The discussion that discussed various drug problems received an extraordinary response from students. The high enthusiasm of the participants was evident from the presence of various college representatives, including AMIKOM Yogyakarta, UMB Yogyakarta, Pasundan University, Siliwangi University, UPN, USAKTI, UPH, BINUS, UNTIRTA, Cilacap State Polytechnic, Trunojoyo Madura, Esa Unggul, UNPAM, UIN Jakarta , Widya Darma Klaten, Moestopo, UNJ, UMJ and the Indonesian Institute of Art and Culture Bandung.

There are a number of qualified speakers at came. ARTIPENA Daily Chairperson; Zainal Arifin, Head of Subnational Empowerment of BNN Community; Wildah D.J, M.Sc, Coordinator of the 2019 FORNASMAPAN Center; Fira Firdayanti and Declaration Leader (Head of OASE 2019), Muhamad Aldy F.N. The event became more interesting with the moderator, Head of OASE 2017 - 2019, Alryan Muhammad Irawan.

Director of Student Affairs, Danto Sukmajati Ph.D said in his speech that youths are candidates for leaders and also the hope of the nation must give their best influence. Therefore, prepare yourself as an answer giver to various national problems.

"Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The thoughts and hard work of young people will become the foundation of improvement. Then make sure to protect yourself. Especially on drugs," said Danto Sukmajati while giving a speech online.

For Alryan - Program Moderator, this activity opens opportunities for young people who care about the importance of preventing drug abuse to dare to unite in voicing campaigns against the dangers of drugs for the survival of the next generation of youth.

"This activity also gathered many universities and held education and declarations as a form of campaign against drug abuse that began to increase during the covid-19 period," added Alryan.

Wildah - Head of Sub Directorate for Community Empowerment, BNN added, the direct consolidation with BNN added insight into students and young people to the immediate conditions in the dynamics of drug distribution in Indonesia and its preventive prevention.(author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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