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UMB Taekwondo UKM Participants who joined the MOK'S Taekwondo Championship 3 championship in Palembang

UMB Taekwondo UKM won 1st place in the "MOK'S Taekwondo Championship 3" held at GOR Jakabaring, Palembang - South Sumatra on 29 February - 1 March 2020. Participants who took part in the championship were around 1,000 people spread from Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

UMB Taekwondo UKM students who won 1st place are Kendy Setiawan (under 63 Kg - get Gold), M Rheza Harsono (under 58 Kg - get Gold), Alvian Nuzal R (under 58 Kg - get Silver), Farhan Fauzan C (under 68 Kg - get Gold), She is Princess Ananda L (under 53 Kg - get Gold), Shima Pertiwi (under 49 Kg - get Gold) and Yuniar Cassandra E (Over 73 Kg - get Gold). While the best male athlete won by Alvian Nuzal R and the best female athlete won by She Putri Ananda L.

The match is followed for the Kirugi category (fight) or commonly called a fighter. According to Kendy, the preparations made before competing for two months were physical training, sparing techniques and strategies. "Physically we usually practice running and sprinting, for strategies on how we can get points but we don't get missed points," explained Kendy and He.

"The difficulties I face are losing weight and that is the difficulty we face against ourselves," Shima added. To lose weight is a difficult thing for these athletes to do, usually having to adjust their diet and also practice hard.

Since the period of 2016 until now, UKM Taekwondo UKM has won the General Champion 8 times, and is now back in the General Champion 1. Diligent and disciplined training is the key to success in the competition that they always instill in their juniors. "And also good time management between lectures and practice is the key to my success so far," he added. (Author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / humas @ /

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