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More than 15 culinary outlets operating in the cafeteria area of ​​Mercu Buana University, finally passed as a Healthy Canteen. After health officials in the Jakarta Health Office conducted various laboratory tests on various types of food sold.

"Health workers conduct layered tests on the canteen operating in UMB. Starting from the site feasibility test, food processing, presentation to the packaging, "said Head of UMB Building and Facilities Management (BMGS), Trival Apriadi, SE, MM when met in his office, Jakarta, Monday (June 24, 2019).

According to him, testing of culinary outlets that operate is done in stages. Not done at once. This is to provide more certainty about the assessment and the best culinary outlet standards.

Not only that, Trival Apriadi added that the management of culinary outlets also received training in managing healthy canteens. Thus many aspects that become an assessment for the testing team to provide healthy canteen standards.

"Of course for UMB this is an effort to improve services for students. To be able to guarantee the culinary that is sold is feasible and good for consumption, "he added.

Through a healthy canteen standard, he hopes to be able to encourage the increase of UMB as an international class university. Because the international accreditation items also require health-oriented canteen services.

Even this healthy canteen standard, according to him, has not been done by many universities. So far, universities still focus on improving the governance of lectures that focus more on teaching. Whereas UMB strives to make improvements in all aspects, including the management of a healthy canteen. (author: Hizkia Pahlawan / editors: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations / / email: [email protected])

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