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Merpati Putih UKM Mercu Buana University again carved an achievement in the national arena. His departure to Malang, East Java was not in vain by bringing home 6 Medals at the "National Student Interfaith Championship Universitas Brawijaya" on November 22-24, 2019.

The fighters did indeed appear brilliant. Those who excel are Hirzan Huda Pratama (Architectural Engineering) Champion 1 Class A Male Adult wins Gold Medal, Mayco Alexandro Rusno (Civil Engineering) Champion 1 Class F Adult Male wins Gold Medal, Muhammad Fariz Aziz (Architecture Engineering) Second Champion Men's G Class Adult and Champion 2 Power and Power Stamina won 2 Silver Medals.

Another fighter who also performed well was Moh. Syarifudin Alamsyah (Management) Champion 1 Free Class Adult Men won the Gold Medal and Muhammad Rafli (Information System) Champion 3 Vibration Class won the Bronze Medal. For their success, UKM Merpati Putih UMB extended its list of achievements.

Their struggle to the point of champion is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but it takes practice and hard work. They do routine exercises before the championship 5 times a week. Fighting practice by practicing kickback and catch key.

"We also try stamina training by practicing breathing. In addition to physical training which becomes compulsory training material, "said Hirzan Huda Pratama when met at the UMB campus, Jakarta, yesterday.

He further explained that the complete and targeted training material provided many benefits. It not only increases the quality of movement and physical enhancement, but also increases the ability to manage emotions.

"That's what makes us confident every time we compete. "Thank God the results obtained a medal," he concluded.

To continue to maintain consistency in achievement, UKM Merpati Putih UMB also involved its young members. Through regeneration will also be able to present future athletes. At the same time improving relations among Merpati Putih UKM members. (author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / [email protected])

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