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\Students of the Faculty of Communication Science continued to excel during the pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic could not stop Mercu Buana University's Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi (FIKOM; Communication Science Faculty) students from continuing to excel. Be it in terms of organization or competition.

The pandemic situation is a challenge for Mudzakir Walad bin Arief, Natasha Marcella Soetanto and Arjun Aidil Akbar. They prove that they can still adapt to the learning environment, they are also brave with a good time management skills. The students can still organize, compete and lead to an achievement.

The following are the achievements of:

Natasha Marcella Soetanto. In the field of Advertising & Marketing Communication 2018 she is active in organizations, one of which is in student exchange activities at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. Successfully won the Most Outstanding Social Innovation Ideas Award on November 8, 2020, this is an international competition involving 388 participants from 19 universities (8 countries). It did not stop there, Leaders who were interested in learning the language, returned to join the International Business Idea Challenge 2021 at Multi Media University, Malaysia. In the International Young Social Entrepreneurs Competition (IYSEC) category, she won the Silver Award. According to her, this time it was more challenging, because they had to compete with participants from 27 universities (Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and the UK). She is quite proud and grateful for what she had achieved. She hopes that she will get the opportunity to achieve even better achievements than before.

Next from the field of Broadcasting studies. A student with the name Mudzakir Walad bin Arief has succeeded in achieving various competitions in broadcasting. During the pandemic, he and his production partners collected 4 national achievements and 2 regional achievements. Among them; 2nd Place in Student Gelora ITY Yogyakarta Short Film Competition, Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesian Student Film Festival (FFMI) Finalist, 1st Place of USU Student Short Film Games, Bronze Medal of Aspikom Public Service Advertisement Creation Contest, 2nd Place Short Film Educommfestival, 1st Place Video Advertising Competition MERAKI Mercu Buana. During this achievement, Walad was in fact busy with academic activities (Big Task & Final Project Proposal). In fact, he had to manage his time in his role as the leader of the Mercu Buana Film Community and the Broadcasting Student Association. Good at dividing time, collaborating, and having the courage to do good things he did himself in order to achieve these achievements.

Furthermore, this FIKOM student who was once the influencer of the Month in Ditmawa should be an inspiration. Arjun Aidil Akbar, a 2017 Broadcasting student, made photography not just a hobby but also an additional stage of achievement. He admitted that during the pandemic, extraordinary adaptations were needed in participating in learning activities and competitions. This student who achieve national and international achievements almost every year is yet again winning first place in the photography competition at the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. According to him, this time it was quite challenging because he competed with 573 participants from 236 universities all around Indonesia. Behind being busy with studying, competing, working, he is currently also pioneering a soft drink business as a result of learning entrepreneurship materials.

The three FIKOM students proved that the pandemic situation did not prevent Mercu Buana university students from achieving. Students can adjust to the situation through good academic performance, remain active in organizations and pioneer efforts to improve the economy (author: Citra Sentosa / editor: Riko Noviantoro / translator: Nadya Ramadhan / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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