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‘Like an ivory tower 'is an expression that is often attached to universities. Although in reality universities have tried to make a real contribution in the midst of people's lives through the concept of the Tridharma of Higher Education.

The concept outlined in Law No.12 of 2012 aims to bring campus closer to the surrounding community, through the functions of education, research and service. The Tridharma of Higher Education is expected to be able to fill and fulfill empty spaces in the community.

"Mercu Buana University continues to encourage optimal roles in the community. Not only as a fulfillment of regulatory demands, but truly present in the community and providing solutions, "said UMB Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip while inaugurating 2,008 Diploma, Bachelor and Postgraduate program graduates at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/7).

Presenting the campus in the middle of the community, continued the Chancellor, was not just a service. Kehadirian is a form of scientific implementation which literally becomes a tool to understand various problems of life. For the sake of achieving prosperity and human usefulness as a whole.

The Chancellor considered the usefulness of knowledge not only as a solution provider. Useful knowledge means reviving science itself. Because science has no merit, like a tree that has no fruit.

"The quotes of thinkers that the knowledge of no benefit as a tree does not bear fruit are true. Science will grow and develop, when science is beneficial for life, "he explained.

UMB's determination to be truly present, according to Prof. Ngadino Surip materialized in various efforts. Starting from improving national accreditation towards international accreditation, sending students and students to various service activities. Even UMB facilities and areas are used as part of community service and involvement.

The 2018 Global Competitive Index can be a proof of campus involvement in the long term. The presence of qualified graduates has placed Indonesia in the 45th rank as the country that has the best competitive power.

The global competitiveness index can also decline in the future. If higher education does not struggle hard to continue to improve its capabilities. Moreover, this era of globalization opens a gap for foreign workers to work outside their home countries.

For this reason, thousands of UMB graduates who were appointed to the XLVIII Graduate Graduation and XXXV Graduation Ceremony, should be measured by the ability of their graduates to give a role to the environment. Not only measure it to the success of completing an academic level alone.

"I hope UMB graduates can give their role to the environment. Not only does it hold a degree and science, but it also seeks to provide the best works for the community and the state, "he said. . (author: Hizkia Pahlawan / editors: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations / / email: [email protected])

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