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The development of the digital era 4.0 has shifted communication patterns. Not only message based in general, but also has visual and infographic features. This pattern of communication will be more rapid in the future.

"The ability to communicate now has changed a lot. It's not enough on language skills alone, but also skilled at playing data, "said Communication Practitioner Kevin Liliana when attending as a seminar speaker organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business at the UMB campus, Jakarta (Friday, July 26, 2019).

What's more, he continued the social media message delivery also increasingly diverse. Communication practitioners need to use it appropriately. Not limited to sharing information through social media, but also understanding the social character of the media.

According to him, diverse social media is luck in spreading information. Because social media has different users. So the contents of the message or the model of the message delivered must also adjust.

"What is certain is that visual and infographic messages have become demands. How to deliver visual and infographic messages that need to be sharpened, "added the virgin of the Miss Indonesia Environment 2017 title.

Related to that, he continued communication practitioners need to continue to train themselves. See and explore more extensive information. At the same time observant to see trends in the presentation of content.

In addition, according to him, the ability to grow self-confidence is also important. As a communication practitioner the skills to maintain confidence cannot be ignored. Self-confidence is the ability to recognize yourself more deeply, both its potential and shortcomings.

He further acknowledged his ability to communicate in public spaces was also obtained through education. Do not forget also experience in various opportunities. Both in local, national and international scale events.

"I'm grateful to have many opportunities to appear. And I need to share that experience with all parties, "he said. (author: Hizkia Pahlawan / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / [email protected])

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