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Poster Management Training of Library Management with West Jakarta Library and Archives Service organized by UMB students of Peduli Baca Buku(PBB) team

The lack of library management at elementary school level can affect the lack of student’s interest in reading at school. And of course student’s knowledge will be very limited just by the knowledge from their teacher only. Seeing this problem, students of the Peduli Baca Buku (PBB) team of UMB held a Library Management Training with the West Jakarta Library and Archives Service.

This training was held as Tugas Akhir Peduli Negeri (TAPN) for students to complete their studies. It was held online through a zoom application with Siti Sara - Head of West Jakarta Library and Archives Office, Setianingsih - Principal of SDN Joglo 06 Pagi West Jakarta, Enjang Pera Irawan – TAPN’s Advisor (5/18).

"This activity is right on target, because the training was attended by teachers at SDN Joglo 06 Pagi West Jakarta; where according to research in this area, students have low reading will so it is crucial improve the library management involving teachers at the school," Siti Sara explained.

Training activities were attended directly by teachers at SDN Joglo 06 Pagi West Jakarta

Principal of SDN Joglo 06 Pagi West Jakarta - Setianingsih, highly appreciates the activities organized by the Mercu Buana University TAPN team because of their interest about the inadequate management of elementary school libraries. According to her, the library was established independently and the library management was also not very good. "Hopefully in the future this activity can be sustainable and even better," said Setianingsih.

Enjang Pera Irawan - TAPN Advisor Lecturer emphasized that TAPN is one of the activities which the implementation is in contact with the community and its benefits can be felt directly. "Hopefully this training can optimize the function and role of libraries in the process of education in elementary schools in particular," Enjang concluded.(author: Priyo Wahyudi/ editor: Riko Noviantoro /University Secretariat and Public Relation Beureu / / [email protected] /

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