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Display of Sekolah Parenting Website Page

The Covid-19 pandemic made everyone have to refrain from outside activities, including attending schools, seminars and training.

Seeing this phenomenon, Muhammad Iqbal, Ph.D, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of Mercu Buana University, tries to make online learning innovations that help people get educated.

Together with the team, Muhammad Iqbal who is also the owner of the Counseling House saw business opportunities and innovations, especially prospective brides and their parents in getting informal education, where during the pandemic many families faced problems in marriage and parenting.

The learning platform that was first created was, this platform is an online learning platform for prospective brides or married couple on how to prepare themselves for marriage or what is known as pre-marriage courses or marriage guidance which can be used to take care of marriage administration. This platform also provides premium modules on marriage and parenting to make it easier for people to care for marriages, prevents divorce and increase family resilience. Some of the modules provided are tips on choosing a partner, harmonious communication, conflict management, caring for love, overcoming boredom in the household, forming a happy family, and so on.

Display of Kursus Nikah Website Page

The second one is the, a learning platform which aims to help people improve the quality of care, harmony and family resilience. The platform uses the kulwap system which provides direct education to the community according to the selected module package, and even provides a learning system for 1 year with Muhammad Iqbal & Team. The modules provided are very suitable for the needs of today's parents such as developmental psychology of children and adolescents, forming strong children, educating children in the digital era, great parents of great children, effective communication between parents and children, and so on.

Iqbal said that this is a breakthrough that needs to be appreciated because of its contribution to increasing family resilience in Indonesia. Umb psychology always delivers useful content regarding the scientific development of psychology and family resilience.(author: Citra Sentosa / editor: Riko Noviantoro / translator: Nadya Ramadhan / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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