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The digital age turned out to be a force for millennial radio broadcasters to play a greater role. This was evident when the broadcaster attended the Radio Competition. The campus competition is themed "Colosseum".

"This is the place for campus radio broadcasters to hone and develop their abilities," said Chairperson of the Radio Competition, Sahru Ardiansyah at UMB campus, Jakarta, Thursday (March 14, 2019).

Sahru further said that this activity was also a place of fellowship between broadcasters. A place to develop communication skills and build broadcast programs. In order to be able to present a superior program for listeners.

He mentioned that there were quite a lot of participants in this race. Hailing from various campuses in Jabodetabek. They are students who work on campus radios.

"Alhamdulillah, in this event we are minimal in terms of obstacles, maybe just a little from the internal aspects that are still lacking in communication," Sahru said. (author: Sri Dewi Nur Pasha / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / email: [email protected] )

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