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SMKN 2 Tangerang Selatan students who use motorbikes are encouraged to be more careful when driving. Based on data from the number of motorcyclists often become victims of traffic accidents. This is due to various factors.

"For anyone, motorcycle users must be more vigilant. The accident rate is more dominated by motorcycle users, "explained the Head of Safety Section of the Ministry of Transportation, Syafril Immanuel when attending the UMB Campus Talk Goes To School theme" Millennial Generation of Awareness and Safety Pioneer at SMKN 2, Tangerang, Monday (30 September 2019)

According to him, the high traffic accidents began in two causes, namely human error and inadequate road infrastructure. From these accidents motorcyclists who are often victims or perpetrators of accidents.

From the Ministry of Transportation data, it is known that in 2018 there were 103 thousand more accident cases with 29,083 people died. The death toll is very alarming. And it tends to increase compared to 2017 which recorded 27 thousand inhabitants.

In line with that Syafril urges SMKN 2 Tangerang students to always be vigilant in driving and use the complete attributes and have a Driving License (SIM). Also avoid using mobile phones when operating vehicles.

"Students who do not have a SIM are required to use public transportation or to go to school, not to drive their own vehicles, because it is very dangerous for safety," he said. On that occasion also held the distribution of helmets to lucky students. Especially students who are able to answer and give explanations about traffic accident cases.

The Campus Talk Goes To School event which was held at SMKN 2 Tangerang was also attended by the Head of the UMB Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Hadi Pranoto, and the Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang, Benyamin Davnie. (author: Hizkia Pahlawan / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected])

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