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The ideals of the founder of Mercu Buana University, H. Probosutedjo to provide equitable and quality education for all generations of Indonesia, slowly realized. Evidently the number of students from remote areas who have the opportunity to study at UMB continues to increase every year.

"The increase in students from remote areas is the result of the Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) program that was held with the Metro Group," said UMB Rector, Prof. Ngadino Surip after signing a memorandum of cooperation for the OSC program in 2019 between UMB and Metro Group at the Metro Group office, Jakarta, Wednesday (August 28, 2019).

Through this OSC program, continued the UMB Chancellor to provide opportunities for all children of the nation to get educational opportunities. This program encourages equal rights while accelerating the improvement of the quality of Indonesian human resources.

For UMB itself, according to him, it was easier to attract outstanding students, especially from the regions. Because so far prospective student achievement in the area tends to give up. Remembering to go to a favorite college and be in Java requires a large fee. Through this OSC program, this problem can be avoided.

"Through this scholarship the sons and daughters of achievement but not able to study. Furthermore, they must be persevering and persevering through the lecture process. In order to complete the study period, "he said.

From the available data, those interested in the OSC program at the UMB campus continued to increase. In 2018 there were 5000 participants taking part in the selection. From that number 150 people were screened and 40 students were left entitled to get full scholarships for 4 years.

More interestingly, the Chancellor said the number of participants also increased from the regional reach. Previously, it only recruited prospective students from Sumatra, Kalimantan and NTT. Now expanding to prospective students in eastern Indonesia. (author: Hizkia Pahlawan / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / [email protected])

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