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The nation's competitiveness must continue to be encouraged through quality research. The government is aware of this effort as a step to accelerate welfare. At the same time increasing the role of the state in the international context.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo stressed that the research funds prepared by the government were indeed inadequate. But that does not mean the government does not pay attention to the progress of research. The government is trying with other policy approaches to progress this research.

"In research funding it is not yet optimal. That we realize. But not without a solution. The government asks the private sector to be involved in funding research on campus or research institutions, "said Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo was the keynote speaker at the Social and Applied Science Conference seminar at the UMB campus, Jakarta, Wednesday (31 July 2019).

As proof, continued the Deputy Minister of Finance some time ago the President had signed a regulation that gave awards to companies that contributed research funds. This is a step to encourage more research. As well as not oriented to government funds alone.

With this model, Mardiasmo believes it will be more effective. Because the research needed is based on the challenges of the industrial world. It's no longer a research activity that is limited to the development of science.

"So later the research has become a product that can be used. That is why it needs the private sector or industry involved, "he added.

In the end the Deputy Minister of Finance hopes that the ongoing seminar will be able to find solutions to the nation's problems. As well as being able to be an impetus for the advancement of domestic science. (author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / [email protected])

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