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The Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UMB Launched an Electric Car Named Geni Biru E-Falco

The presence of Geni Biru E-Falco added to the list of achievements of UMB Mechanical Engineering students. Why is that? Geni Biru E-Falco is an environmentally friendly electric car made by Team Geni Biru from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UMB which was carried out in a period of one year.

As the name implies, Geni Biru means blue fire which symbolizes the spirit that never goes out. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Geni Biru team students, finally this electric car was completed and officially launched virtually, Saturday (13/3/2021).

Yuli Harwani, Deputy Chancellor of UMB, said that the presence of the E-Falco electric car was proof that the nation's children were able to directly contribute to the innovation of environmentally friendly vehicles. "Despite the limited pandemic conditions, Team Geni Biru and their mentors succeeded in making an electric car innovation. Hopefully this electric car can make UMB proud and be more successful in future competitions, "she said.

The ability of the Geni Biru E-Falco electric car deserves thumbs up. The reason is, this electric car has passed a variety of trials such as the dyno test, tested uphill trails and its energy consumption. The dyno test results show that this car can accelerate from a speed of 0-70 km / h in 13.63 seconds. For power consumption when going up a 15 degree slope of 7.86 Watt / hour.

Meanwhile, when on a horizontal road as far as 100 meters, it consumes 1.5 Watt Hours of power with an average speed of 34 km / hour. Based on the test results, this car has a power output of 14.7 hp in the electric motor and 17 hp in the driving wheels. Has a torque of 228 Nm on the motor and 279 Nm on the wheels.

“This is a prototype electric car designed to save energy with 500 Watt DC and 10 Ampere Hours of battery. Because of that, we designed this car to be aerodynamic, light in weight, minimal friction, so the use of the appropriate transmission and motor capacity, "explained Taruna Nando, a member of the Geni Biru Team.(author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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