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BNI provided 1 unit bus assistance to Universitas Mercu Buana

In order to support the operation of Universitas Mercu Buana(UMB), BNI provided bus assistance to Yayasan Menara Bhakti which oversees UMB.

The handover of aid began with the signing of a bus grant cooperation agreement by the Head of BNI Jakarta Kota Region, Muhammad Arafat and the Secretary of Yayasan Menara Bhakti, Nurani Pudjiastuti, Dipl.FM. The event was also attended by UMB Rector, Prof. Ngadino Surip and BNI representatives who meet health protocols.

The Secretary of Yayasan Menara Bhakti, Nurani Pudjiastuti, said that the collaboration with BNI was very satisfying, UMB and BNI had been cooperating for a long time. The bus donation is expected to facilitate transportation for lecturers and support UMB student activities.

"This is a donation of bus from BNI. We have often collaborated with BNI. This bus will be intended to facilitate transportation for lecturers and students. This bus will replace vehicles owned by UMB with old age," said Nurani on the UMB campus, Jakarta, Tuesday ( 9/3/2021).

She explained that the lecturers could take advantage of the bus transportation for the seminar trip. In addition, UMB students can also use it for transportation for comparative campus studies.

"This was made before Covid. Previously, lecturers did a lot of seminars, comparative study students. This will be useful. This is because of friendship with BNI. The hope is to facilitate the operations of lecturers and students. Which one needs to be able to take advantage of it," She said.

It was also conveyed that during the pandemic, Universitas Mercu Buana activities were still running and productive. So hopefully in the future there can be cooperation in terms of better online learning platforms and online programs, especially for regular class 2 and in the future the collaboration with BNI will be even better.

Head Of Region BNI Jakarta Kota Region, Muhammad Arafat said the purpose of the bus grant collaboration was to help smooth the operation of the UMB campus. Even though it was designed before the pandemic. This means that the cooperation has been very well established.

"This donation was actually accommodated last year. The goal is to accommodate operations at the UMB campus and will be used by students when there are activities. But currently Covid, so just adjust it. We have planned this in advance. It's from the beginning. God willing, it will be useful for students. to the rectorate, "said Arafat.

The assistance was provided, he continued with the consideration of UMB as a premium partner of BNI. This is evidenced by the existence of nine collaborations that have been established, including cooperation in the use of banking products, cash management, BNI direct, student cards, employee cards and employee credit facilities.

"One of them is because UMB is a very good and premium partner, especially since the campuses are in several locations. Previously there were 9 collaborations including the use of cash management banking products, BNI direct, student cards, employees and employee credit facilities," he said.(author: Citra Sentosa / editor: Riko Noviantoro / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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