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UMB Partners Award 2020, Moment to Strengthen Partnerships

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Presentation of awards to School Partners, represented by SMA Budi Mulia.

UMB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip emphasized that the achievements of Mercu Buana University are the hard work of all parties. Including UMB partners who with their professionalism also help progress achievements. Until the achievements has increased compared to the previous year.

"So it is very appropriate that this success be appreciated, through the awarding of partners in 2020. This award is proof of recognition of the professionalism of UMB partners. Congratulations," said UMB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip when handing over the UMB Mitra Award plaque 2020 at the 35th UMB Anniversary event at the Multimedia studio, Jakarta, yesterday.

UMB Partners Award, he continued, is an annual activity carried out by UMB as part of the UMB anniversary commemoration. Thus, the partners can also feel the joyfulnessof UMB's anniversary.

Of course, the Rector continued, giving awards will continue in the future. This was not only an appreciation of the professionalism of UMB partners, but also as an effort to encourage learning for the campus internal. In order to be able to learn from its partners in various ways.

This year, the UMB Partners Award 2020 divided into three categories, which are: the category of School Partners, Publication Partners and Industry Partners. The recipients of the 2020 School Partners Award were awarded to 15 schools, 5 recipients of the Publication Partner Award for mass media and 5 companies awarded the Mitra Industri Award for companies.(author: Priyo Wahyudi / editor: Riko Noviantoro / translation : Nadya Ramadhan / University Secretariat and Public Relations Bureau / / [email protected] /

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