Universitas Mercu Buana


Learning Provision

Universitas Mercu Buana is a private university which applies the course credit system in the learning process of all departments. The course credit system can support the continuity of the departments and can provide wider opportunities for students to plan, choose, and carry out their learning process according to their abilities and opportunities.


The curriculum is a set of plans and arrangements related to the learning achievement of students, learning materials, processes, and assessments used as guidelines for the implementation of departments. The curriculum at Universitas Mercu Buana is compiled in reference to the National Standards for Higher Education mentioned in Minister of Research and Higher Education Regulation Number 44 Year 2015 and the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework in adherence to Presidential Regulation number 8 Year 2012 and Minister of Education and Culture Regulation Number 73 of 2013. This covers the framework for differentiating competence qualification which may align, equalize, and integrate the education field and the field of work training as well as work experience to provide work competencies recognition in accordance with working structure in various sectors.

In response to stakeholders demands, all departments at Universitas Mercu Buana have updated the curriculum since 2017. The curriculum implementation that refers to National Standards for Higher Education and Indonesian National Qualifications Framework is essential to face the challenges and global competition, as well as to ratify Indonesia in various international conversions and face the ASEAN Economic Community.

With the renewal of this curriculum, Universitas Mercu Buana aims to foster professional workers and graduates who meet the required work quality standards who can be accepted and recognized in the global labor market according to the Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Organizational Culture of Universitas Mercu Buana.

The principle of learning applied is to use Student-Centered Learning (SCL), in which students actively develop the knowledge and skills they have learnt. The learning process prioritizes the development of creativity, capacity, personality and students' demands, as well as developing independence in finding and discovering knowledge. The emphasis is on how students can learn using various subject matters, interdisciplinary methods, emphasis on problem-based learning and skill competency. The learning climate developed in more a collaborative, supportive and cooperative nature with various methods such as discussions, presentations, simulations, and so on.


The semester is a unit of effective lesson period for at least 16 weeks, including mid-term exam and final exam.

Academic Activities

In every academic year, the academic activities are divided into two semesters: first semester which starts in September and second semester in March. To participate in academic activities, students must fill in the semester study plan in accordance with applicable regulations.

Course Credit in Academic Process

The course credit is the measure of learning time for students per week per semester in the learning process through various forms of learning or the recognition for the students' success in participating the curricular activities in a department.

One course credit in the learning process in form of lectures, responses, or tutorials, consists of:

  • face-to-face activities of 50 (fifty) minutes per week per semester;
  • structured assignment activities of 60 (sixty) minutes per week per semester; and
  • independent activities of 60 (sixty) minutes per week per semester.

One course credit in the learning process in form of a seminar or other similar forms, consists of:

  • face to face activities of 100 (one hundred) minutes per week per semester; and
  • independent activities of 70 (seventy) minutes per week per semester.

One course credit in the learning process in form of practicum, studio practice, workshop practice, field practice, research, community service, and/or other similar learning processes, has a duration of 170 (one hundred seventy) minutes per week per semester.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule is the arrangement of education and teaching for a period of one semester or 16 (sixteen) weeks, which is prepared based on the curriculum distribution of each department and announced no later than one month prior to the start of the lecture. The course schedule is arranged by the Learning Operations Bureau.

The course and exam schedule are implemented with the following pattern:

Morning Session   |   Morning Session

  1. 07:30 - 10:00     |   1. 07.30 - 09.10
  2. 10.15 - 12.45     |   2. 09:30 - 11:10

Afternoon Session   |   Afternoon Session

  1. 13.00 - 15.30      |     3. 14.00 - 15.40
  2. 15.45 - 18.15      |      4. 16.00 - 17.40

The terms for the online learning schedule and face-to-face session can be accessed on Academic Information System (eLearning): Academic Information System tutorial can be accessed on


  • Lectures are held both face-to-face in class and through e-learning.
  • Lectures consist of 16 (sixteen) sessions including one mid-term exam and one final exam for each course.
  • As one of the passing requirements of the courses followed, students must have no less than 69% of attendance of the total sessions held.
  • If students are unable to reach the minimum attendance requirement, the final grade will be automatically set to "E".
  • Students who cannot attend the lecture due to illness/permission/official travel from an office are still considered absent.

Definition of Learning Evaluation

The learning evaluation is carried out at the end of the semester by calculating assignments, attendance, mid-term exam, final exam and other examinations. The results of this assessment determine the final grade of each course and other academic activities. Furthermore, this grade is used to evaluate the student's studies in each semester, as by the grade point average, as well as in all semesters that have been taken, stated by the cumulative grade point average.

Course Credit Requirement and Length of Study

Credit Hour Requirement is the number of credit hour in all learning process that must be completed by students in their study program. The course period is the number of semesters that must be taken by students for each level of study program set by the University.

Course Credit Requirement

Course Credit Requirement in the Undergraduate Program at Universitas Mercu Buana is distinguished as follows:

  • The requirement for students from high school to the Undergraduate Program is at least 144 course credit and a maximum of 150 course credit;
  • The requirement for students continuing from the Diploma Program or from other institutions/other departments within Universitas Mercu Buana in the Undergraduate Program, can be calculated using the following formula: Credit Hour Requirement = ∑ credit requirement at Universitas Mercu Buana - ∑ recognized credit requirement
  • Advanced standing for transfer students from other higher education institutions takes into account the institution and department accreditation of previous higher education institution.

Length of Study

The length of study on Undergraduate Program at Universitas Mercu Buana is be divided into:

  • The students’ length of study from high school to the undergaduate program is set for a maximum of 12 (twelve) semesters;
  • The length of study for students continuing from the diploma program or from other institutions/departments within Universitas Mercu Buana in the undergraduate program, can be calculated using the following formula: Length of study =

∑ course credit requirement in UMB - ∑ recognized course credit requirement in previous institution/department

∑ course credit in department : ∑ study period in UMB

Academic Leave

Definition of Academic Leave Academic leave is a period when a student does not take part in academic activities at a certain time (at least one semester) as long as the student is still registered --- as a student in the department at the University without taking into account the length of study.

Provisions and Sanctions

  1. Academic leave submission is carried out according to a predetermined schedule when filling the semester course plan to one week after the lecture starts according to the academic calendar.
  2. Academic leave can only be given to students who have attended academic activities for at least one semester;
  3. Academic leave should be less than or equal to two semesters, both either consecutive or not;
  4. If, in the current semester, a student is ill/got accident that requires long-term care, the leave can be submitted by the related student during the semester;
  5. Leave request for reasons of illness/accident as mentioned in point (4) must attach an inpatient certificate and a doctor's examination history from the hospital;
  6. During the academic leave, student is prohibited from running any academic or student-related activity.
  7. Academic leave is not counted as a length of study;
  8. If a student does not re-register through the online semester course plan or applying for academic leave, he/she is considered resigning.

Academic Leave Procedure

  1. Academic leave form can be obtained at the Learning Administration Bureau;
  2. An application for academic leave is submitted by the student to the Head/Secretary of department in accordance with the schedule determined in the academic calendar;
  3. The Head/Secretary of department will first verify whether the student still has the right to take academic leave;
  4. If the student application is approved, the Head/Secretary affords a signature on the academic leave application form;
  5. The student shall pay an administrative fee for leave at the designated bank by Universitas Mercu Buana;
  6. The student submits proof of payment to the University Finance Bureau, then the officer signs and stamps on the student academic leave application form;
  7. The student submits an academic leave application form to the Learning Administration Bureau to be updated on Academic Information System;

Students Re-Activation Procedures

After undergoing academic leave, the student is required to reactivate his/her status by filling out semester course plan.