Universitas Mercu Buana



E-Learning is a system or concept of education that utilizes information technology in the learning process. E-learning method provides flexibility, interactivity, speed, and visualization through various advantages of media.


Students are required to carry out activities every week (every online schedule), with the following conditions: For each meeting

  • Login: At least one time a week
  • Study the material: Mandatory to download learning materials
  • Forum: Mandatory to reply a discussion
  • Quiz: Mandatory
  • Online Discussion/Chatting: Non-mandatory

Download Study Material

Mandatory for students as long as it is intended to enrich learning materials. Download 14 learning modules as learning materials within one semester.


Mandatory for students as it is intended to substitute a face-to-face session. The purpose of forum activity is to discuss, either discussing theories, giving and answering simple questions or discussing issues in line with the subject and theme for each meeting.


It is mandatory for students with a minimum of one quiz for every session. The quiz page shows lists of quiz that can be used as a means of examination, as well as to analyze the students’ comprehension of the lesson.

Online Discussion/Chatting

This activity is not mandatory.

These activities are counted as students’ attendance (The minimum requirement for attendance is 69%).

Learning Schedule:


  • Offline face-to-face session in the class : 3 meetings
  • Online session on eLearning website : 11 meetings
  • Offline examination in the class : 2 times (midterm and final exam)