June, 14 : Research that has been done by colleges or government research institute is actually quite good proven. In terms of quality and quantity they are going increase, while research in physical science sector still need to be improved.

"The collaboration between LIPI and UMB as a university is an effort to improve the shortcoming of a number of research in physical science sector currently," said Head of Research Center for Physics of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Dr. Ir. Bambang Widiyatmoko in the midst of signing agreement between LIPI - UMB at LIPI office, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6/17).

According to him, LIPI and UMB collaboration is very appropriate and will be effective. Because through these two institutions the study of research in physical science will be exhaustively. Especially in research which is able to improve the purpose of physical science in life every day. At least, this cooperation is based on three important things. First collaboration in the management of research resources, second cooperation of scientific activities and the third experts exchange."All those cllaboration will focus on the physics sector. So the work of physics research from both parties will be improved, "he said.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering UMB, Danto Sukmajati, Ph.D added UMB and LIPI collaboration is a step to bring the knowledge needs closer to the society, then the research will be directly beneficial to industry. It will also improve the research skills for both institutions since the research culture invites every researchist to have a concern to the existing problem. And it will arise through this research cooperation. (Author: Fauzi Nur Iman/Editor: Riko Noviantoro/University Secretariat and Public Relations/