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On a good occasion and God willing, full of blessings, I invite all academics to offer praise and gratitude to the presence of God Almighty, Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala, because of the blessings of His grace and grace we are guided in kindness and always healthy goodbye.

Since the end of 2016, Mercu Buana University has risen to the rank of accredited A. It is certainly a sense of pride and gratitude for the assessment of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) which accredited the A accreditation.

The 'A' accreditation of the institution that is carried out is not the culmination of Mercu Buana University. This success becomes a challenge which again requires courage and hard work. Because accreditation A is a quality symbol that must be maintained by the institution forever.

Not only that. Institutional accreditation "A" that has been achieved deserves to be a leap energy in a better direction. By aiming at higher accreditation, namely international accreditation.

This is important for the University of Mercu Buana. Because as an institution the Higher Education has responsibility on its shoulders, according to the mandate of Law No.12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education. Where universities have an obligation to participate in the progress of Indonesian civilization.

Amanah gives meaning, the University of Mercu Buana must continue to encourage its quality. Developing scientific skills, while enhancing innovation products, all of which are measures of university performance.

Later all the achievements that have been obtained must have a contribution and usefulness for science, human civilization, especially for the Indonesian people. So for that the fulfillment of international accreditation is a step to achieve the mandate upheld.

Mercu Buana University believes that with the support of the community, industry, academics and government, in the future these ideals can be realized. May Allah SWT, God Almighty bless you. Amen


Rector of Mercu Buana University

Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip, MS



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June, 14 : Research that has been done by colleges or government research institute is actually quite good proven. In terms of quality and quantity they are going increase, while research in physical science sector still need to be improved.

"The collaboration between LIPI and UMB as a university is an effort to improve the shortcoming of a number of research in physical science sector currently," said Head of Research Center for Physics of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Dr. Ir. Bambang Widiyatmoko in the midst of signing agreement between LIPI - UMB at LIPI office, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6/17).

According to him, LIPI and UMB collaboration is very appropriate and will be effective. Because through these two institutions the study of research in physical science will be exhaustively. Especially in research which is able to improve the purpose of physical science in life every day. At least, this cooperation is based on three important things. First collaboration in the management of research resources, second cooperation of scientific activities and the third experts exchange."All those cllaboration will focus on the physics sector. So the work of physics research from both parties will be improved, "he said.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering UMB, Danto Sukmajati, Ph.D added UMB and LIPI collaboration is a step to bring the knowledge needs closer to the society, then the research will be directly beneficial to industry. It will also improve the research skills for both institutions since the research culture invites every researchist to have a concern to the existing problem. And it will arise through this research cooperation. (Author: Fauzi Nur Iman/Editor: Riko Noviantoro/University Secretariat and Public Relations/






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It has been the destiny of this country to tightly adhere to the roles of religious leaders and their followers as it was evident with the Indonesian Muslims who consistently fight for the fate of the nation.

“It is something we cannot deny as the history tells us just that. It has been a fact that Islamic clerks, the Santris (students of Islamic boarding schools) and Indonesian Muslims in general had fought for Indonesia’s independence, and so did other religious entities,” said Peoples’ Consultative Assembly (MPR) vice chairman Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid as he delivered his religious briefing (tausiah Ramadhan) at UMB’s Manarul Amal mosque in Jakarta on Tuesday (6/6/17).

He further depicted the nation’s religious diversity as enforcer of the country’s struggle for independence that finally became a reality in August 17, 1945. It is far a distance with the Middle East countries where conflicts continue to drag on. Religious diversity, he said, is a blessing that we need to maintain and revive as without it Indonesia can possibly make it up to this very moment. 


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Pancasila as Indonesia’s state ideology and  the nation’s basic  philosophy is dynamic in nature and full of ideas---to say it is not a static frame of thinking as it was based on Indonesia’s genuine values and characters.

“We need to keep on exercising all those values   as they  live overtime,”  said People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR)  chairman Dr. Zulkifli Hasan when addressing the seminar on Pancasila entitling “ National Leadership in the Perspective of Pancasila” at Mercu Buana University (UMB) in  Jakarta on Friday ( 9/6/2017).

Reinventing the values of Pancasila has to be a shared responsibility between all elements, he said. As such, universities have to live up abundant values of Pancasila. This way Pancasila can be a living guidance for day to day living practice. In turn, our  comprehension about Pancasila will also improve the result of which will manifest in the implementation of Pancasila which no other than the manifestation of Indonesia’s basic values and genuine characters.

Rector of UMB Dr. Arrisetyanto Nugroho believes such values can be dragged out from seminars and discussions as they  can serve to enhance and deepen our understanding about Pancasila. Such true  comprehension can be further  implanted in government’s programs and policies so that all the programs and policies were based on the values of Pancasila. **


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No less than 430 orphans and poor people living around the UMB campus in Meruya, West Jakarta, have received ‘Ramadhan Packages’ from the university.

UMB has from year to year regularly provides such packages. So far it has been 18 years that UMB runs the program to help the poor celebrating the Idul Fitri post-fasting Islamic holiday. 

Rector of UMB Dr.  Arissetyanto Nugroho,  MM said, “UMB has tried to be consistent in its commitment to support the level of welfare of the society, particularly those living nearby our campus.”  The packages were delivered from the UMB campus in Jakarta on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

According to the rector, the packages reflect the fact that UMB always pays a close attention to the level of welfare of the people.  They also reflect the spirit of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi of helping the poor, which is the core of an academic life in the UMB campus.

He further said the delivery of the packages will continue to be evaluated as well, both in terms of quality and quantity because the aim is not merely to help the less fortunate children or people but also to grow their ability to survive. For this year, the packages total Rp87.5 million in value comprising clothes, food, student kits and some cash. The packages were delivered to 28 neighborhood communities around UMB campus.**


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UMB has paid close attention to the education of children of less-privileged families. Therefore, it decided to provide funds for the National Foster Parents Movement or GN-OTA.

“UMB has supported the movement for six years so far. Our cooperation with GN-OTA is expected to alleviate the burden of children from less-privileged families who still want to pursue their education, especially those living nearby the UMB campus,” UMB Rector Dr. Arissetyanto Nugroho, MM.

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, he received the GN-OTA delegates and at the same time handed over funds of  more than Rp158 million for the growth of the movement. The funds were raised from lecturers and staff of UMB who allowed their monthly salaries be deducted regularly.

Chairwoman of GN-OTA  Gendis Siti Hatmanti welcomed the support from UMB, saying it has enabled many children to continue their education. Data showed there are 613 children who have benefitted from the UMB and GN-OTA cooperation.

Despite financial supports, said Gendis, the children will continue to need supports in other forms as well especially because the country’s education system has gone through various changes. ** 


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Student of Faculty of Design and Creative Arts (FDSK) organized a Ramadan festival Bakul (Bazaar & Culinary) from 22/06/2015 to 07/05/2015 taking place in the Manarul Amal mosque courtyard UMB. This activity became part of the final project, several students from the study program Product Design and Visual Communication Design. In his speech, Dr.Arissetyanto Nugroho, MM (Rector UMB) told that the implementation of Ramadan festival could become an annual campus event and not only temporary activities so that students know the festival is a part of education. Throughout this activity, students worked together in decorating the mosque’s  courtyard with creative designs and baskets, arranged events and ensured everything worked well until the end of the program. Activities in this Ramadan Festival  were Nusantara dance, Fashion Show, beatbox, Nasyid, Kultum, Breaking the fast Together, Workshop, Coloring Contest for early childhood and kindergarten, Acoustic and Stand Up Comedy.





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An old saying which goes there are many ways to Rome is actually true as to reach for success is not only dominated by people who have intellectual intelligence for there are many other types of intelligence.  The Faculty of Computer Science held a public lecture themed Mega Brain Training. Taking place in the auditorium of UMB on 13/06/2015, the seminar was attended by 400 students of Fasilkom. Acting as the speaker was Ir Yopie Yafrin. In his speech, he explained that identifying self potentials is still considered unimportant. As a matter of fact, it is a natural strength owned by an individual with his/her types and uniqueness. To reach for success, someone needs to make good use and manage his dominant potential.





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Abdusy Syarif, ST, MT has sucessfully Indonesia famous in the international arena. The lecturer, who teaches in Mercu Buana University, was awarded as the Best Paper Award Globecom in Hungary in 2013, the Best Paper Award of the ICC in Sydney, Australia in 2014 and the Prix D'Encouragement (awards for doctoral students) of the Université de Haute Alsace in 2014. Abdusy Syarif, ST, MT is a lecturer of Fasilkom UMB who receives a scholarship from the Higher Education for the S3 program at Universite de Haute Alsace, France. The research conducted by Abdusy Syarif, ST, MT is called Wireless Sensor Network which gathers information on forest conditions and marine waters and they can be monitored directly from the center (office) by the government, that's Abdusy Syarif’s plan regarding the application of his research to Indonesia.




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