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» Education Expenses
Book and module Expenses
The students should pay a certain amount of rupiah (Indonesian currency) at the registration counter to purchase some modules and text books that provided by the faculty or the university.

Laboratory Fee
At some faculties, the students are required to pay the laboratory fee otherwise they will not be allowed to do the experiments. The amount of the fee is determined by the type and the frequency of the experiments to be conducted.

Thesis Fee
For those students who are going to write their thesis or final project, thesis fee is required to be paid within 4 ( four) weeks before the thesis writing commences.

Academic leave Fee
Students who wish to pursue academic leave should pay certain percentage of tuition fee. The percentage is determined by the rector and should be paid as soon as bonnafide certificate issued.

Postpone without notice Fee
This payment applies to students who take academic leave without any approval from registration and academic section. When they come to activate their studentship for the upcoming semester, they should pay the fine.

Transfer Fee
Transfer fee is the fee that should be paid for those students who wish to change their study program from one faculty to another or from one university to other universities.

Extension Fee
Bachelor graduates or diploma graduate are welcomed to pursue a higher education and extend their studies to the undergraduate level at Mercu Buana University as long as they pay a certain amount of extension fee.

Certificate Fee
On the convocation day, all graduates of bachelor, undergraduate, and graduates programs have the right to collect their certificate of completion but they have to pay certificate fee first.